Fall Asleep in Under 10 Minutes – Guided sleep, Insomnia

Fall Asleep in Under 10 Minutes – Guided sleep, Insomnia





13 responses to “Fall Asleep in Under 10 Minutes – Guided sleep, Insomnia”

  1. Hughleyne Tapend Avatar

    Okay…I'm trying this🙂✌🏽💜

  2. // Didi \ Kagamine Avatar

    I am suffering from thoughts that disgust me which are always popping in my mind, it looks like a nightmare. It creates a lot of anxiety and I can’t support it because these thoughts are truly disgusting.

    This video helped me to fall asleep for about a week now. You saved my exams, in particular. Thank you so much.

  3. PROJECT Avatar

    Stil my fav to sleep fast!!!

  4. SparklingWater Avatar

    Didn't really work tonight but i'm sure i just need to try again tomorrow 💜

  5. The__best.comebacks Avatar

    Me: it's not gonna work

    2 minutes later

    Me: asleep

  6. Ruthmeli Charles Avatar

    I liked before listening. My confidence that I'll work is very high. Good night every one.

  7. The__best.comebacks Avatar

    I've used this to fall asleep for almost 3 months and It's never failed to make me fall asleep. Thank you!

  8. Darren Sands Avatar

    Every night without fail
    thank you x thank you x thank you x

  9. Osirian Rivers Avatar

    My overly anxious 6 year old used this a few times when five and asked for it again tonight

  10. Yair Yair Avatar

    I slept !
    I can't believe this happened !
    I wokeup after 3 hrs again so opened it again and guess what i slept again wow just wow

  11. Suzanne Mclaughlin Avatar

    I can’t believe how relaxing this is before I go to sleep 😴 I’ve been listening to it now for so long thank you 🙏

  12. Daniel Richards Avatar

    Fall asleep in under 10 minutes?! Yeah right I thought and I was sleeping before the end! Thanks guys!

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