Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Self Soothing

Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Self Soothing






9 responses to “Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Self Soothing”

  1. Rosina Felice Avatar

    This session is wonderful 💗
    Thank you 🙏

  2. Flynn Cremin Avatar

    Thank you, consistently the best meditations I find. The way you allow space between your words.

  3. Charlikins Avatar

    I love the app. Just too expensive.

  4. Melissa Lanigan Avatar

    I loved this much needed self nurturing mindful meditatiin i learned it from councelling its been a while since i practiced its surfaced emptions brought tears to my eues i feel so grateful this was a much needed comfort for me i give gratitude for sharing this particular 1 thank u

  5. wargo1 Avatar

    HEADPHONES ONLY! These are wonderful meditations, but the volume of her voice is low compared to the background rain noise. 🙁

  6. Trishia Moran Avatar

    Những sáng tác của Sỹ Luân nghe mãi ko phai.. Phúc hát rất hay và ấm áp

  7. Ali Tatlı Avatar

    the voice behind me can distract me

  8. Kelsey Whelihan Avatar

    giọng của Đức Phúc nghe ấm và nhẹ nhàng nhưng vẫn đầy trầm tư nội lực!! Like this version!!

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