10 minute mindfulness meditation

10 minute mindfulness meditation






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  1. Aldwin Butac Avatar

    for anyone who reads this comment, i just want to ask some questions.. is it okay for christians to do mindfulness meditation? Is there a difference between mindfulness and meditation through scripture? i would be glad to know your thoughts about it

  2. 로즈vlog Avatar

    Hi, this is calming. Keep sharing inspiration and mindfulness. I also like that you speak of compassion. Nice calming energy. 💕

  3. Karrie Garner Avatar

    Really enjoyed this mindfulness meditation fantastic. I love and send Blessings for u all 🙏😇🥰

  4. Jimmi Williams Avatar

    That was perfectly "mindful". Right on time and target. Thank you.

  5. Lucija Cvitanovic Avatar

    Amazing meditation session!!! 🥰🥰🥰❤️Thank you!!

  6. Mahima Apchunna Rai Avatar

    Need more of mindfulness meditation. Thank you!

  7. Jeremiah Faith Aguilar Avatar

    Started doing both Mindfulness and Vipassana Meditation, my goodness, I feel like I understand things more about the world and myself, as well as improving my sleep

  8. Guilherme Sobrinho Avatar

    It was just perfect before my next class. <3 Thanks

  9. Preston Harcourt Avatar

    first time I've ever tried this, and now I'm uncontrollably crying

  10. Fernando Galindo Avatar

    Great guidance. Great background music. You took me to my zone. Thank you!

  11. BarMind Avatar

    n our mind we have 2 voices right? We have toughts created by the mind, sometimes we want to be present and full quiet but our mind wonder and create toughts and sometimes we create them like “talking to myself” I have control of what I say to me in my mind. How do u distinguished, sometimes it’s hard to know like if I say to myself “let’s see what’s my next tought” because i am so present in the moment and concentrate the next tought takes a bit but sometimes I can’t tell if was created by the mind or was just me thinking again. What’s your opinion guyys

  12. siri padma Avatar

    Thankyou for this. I feel so grateful to you

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