10-Minute Meditation For Sleep

10-Minute Meditation For Sleep





7 responses to “10-Minute Meditation For Sleep”

  1. vector_rj Avatar

    Instead of sleeping… I'm here 🙂✌🏻

  2. deofu Avatar

    i nearly passed out due to lack of air

  3. SwiftieFrog Avatar

    This guy could be saying the world was ending and I’d fall asleep.

  4. Art Music pianos Avatar

    I never got ads in between the meditation

  5. Anil Pandey Avatar

    I not allowed me to sleep because i have study a lot that is why iwas drink coffee last night and not sleep properly but now i want to sleep and my eyes are sleepy but don't understand why i still not fall to sleep 😔

  6. Innonimate Avatar

    damn was hoping this would be a female

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